Nestled in the natural wooded beauty of Prosper, Texas, Gentle Creek Country Club is the centerpiece of Gentle Creek Estates, an upscale residential golf and lifestyle community. Gentle Creek Country Club is a Huie family built, owned and operated fully private club. Founder Harvey K. Huie, best known for the Harvey Hotels-Bristol Suites, has been a maverick in the Dallas Real Estate world since the 1950’s. With over 60 years of innovative entrepreneurship, an uncanny nose for land, and pure tenacity, Huie enjoyed one success after another. That innovation and intuition led to his creating one of the first residential planned communities in Prosper, the Gentle Creek Estates. Huie had the fortitude and insight to get into the area before its popularity and, as many like to joke, built a golf course as a ploy to get his buddies to move further North from their Dallas homes. Daughter Molly Ann Huie, continuing the family tradition, is taking Gentle Creek to the next tier.

Over the last 18 years Gentle Creek has grown through many different stages. What began as a clubhouse in a trailer has metamorphosed into an establishment that caters to business luncheons and family friendly dinners. Gentle Creek is an experience for the whole family and a major venue for the community of Prosper.

Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience, junior programs and clinics, innovative events, learning to enhance your relationship with a horse, helping support the local community, or being a member of a family oriented club, Gentle Creek Country Club is truly striving for a Club that brings back the true meaning of Texas Hospitality and building a community of togetherness and support.